Prayers answered


There are millions of Americans who feel that prayer is the only recourse we have to get our country back on track. If you are one of those many millions, you may feel that our prayers were answered last Thursday during the presidential debate.

For years the elitists have dominated the country. The Democrats, their friends in the media, their friends in Big Tech, their friends in government (especially the FBI, CIA and state and federal judiciary), their friends in education (from Ivy League institutions down through failing schools in our big cities and rural America), as well as our enemies — China, Russia and Iran — have held a stranglehold on power. They have told us what we should and should not think. They have canceled those that dared to challenge their thinking. Hell, for a while I thought we were going to have to pay China for bringing COVID to us and the rest of the world.

To a degree much of that came to a halt last Thursday night, when Joe Biden’s incompetence became so glaringly obvious the elitists had to admit they had a problem. They’ve had a problem for more than four years — that’s why they hid him in the basement of his home. Until minutes before the debate, they were willing to destroy any person or organization that was critical of Joe. But minutes into the debate the elitists started to run.

Joe didn’t just damage himself with his performance, he caused great damage to his supporters. For years the elitists could lie with impunity. The border was secure, the elitists would say. There was no inflation, or if there was inflation, we just needed to suck it up and live with it. Or the inflation was only temporary. Or it was now going down and would soon disappear. The lies were endless.

The elitists also had the balls to tell us how great it was under Biden. He was a great president. He was at the top of his game. If there were any problems with the country, it was Donald Trump’s fault.

As poorly as Biden and the elitists have been running the country, Trump bashing was still effective. Prior to the debate, I think the November election was close — certainly close enough that the elitists could steal it. Is it still that close? Maybe not, but I’m not convinced Trump has a lock on the election. The elitists have convinced millions that Trump is evil, evil, evil, when in reality they are the ones who are evil. Hatred is a strong motivator and the November election is a long way off.

There is one other factor at play: If the Democrats lose this election and if Trump can find a competent attorney general (and that’s a big “if”), countless elitists could end up in prison. Do not for one moment think that this does not weigh on the minds of many of these folks.

What does the future hold? I certainly do not know, and I doubt if many Democrats do. We are told that the governor of California is anxious to run. But Gavin Newsom is not a dummy. How does he look if he pushes aside a senile old man? Does he want to risk his political career at a time when Democrats look so bad?

There are many things that could happen in the next four months that could impact the election. China could invade Taiwan. Iran could nuke Israel. Our economy could go into a severe nosedive. It’s hard to imagine all the bad things that could happen. Then again, in November some wonderful things could occur. Biden — or whoever the Democratic nominee is — could get clobbered. Dozens of Democrat members of Congress could get clobbered.

If you’ve paid any attention to this column in the past, you will know this is not the first time I’ve suggested we Americans get down on our knees and pray for God’s help. When we get on our knees we need to pray in thanksgiving for last Thursday and to pray for a lot more help.

There is a lot of work ahead of us.