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An interesting thing happened after Russia invaded Ukraine. Though U.S. standing in the world had taken a knock after the much-needed but chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, there was no question … more
Several days ago, a congressman had a nasty encounter with a rabid fox on the D.C. Capitol building grounds. Let’s trust that he is no worse for the wear. But the question lingers: How did the … more
If you get depressed easily, you may wish to skip this article. Our country has suffered inflationary bouts to various degrees throughout our history, with perhaps the most severe having occurred … more
The Civil Rights Movement was America’s greatest moral crusade, the culmination of years of determined citizen activism, leading to radical changes in the 1960s. And we didn’t just settle … more
 I discuss the topic of leadership a lot in our home. It is not much of a surprise as my wife and I have multiple combat tours between us. Together, we have over 40 years of collective military … more
During the first World War Ralph Lindsey, my great grandfather, kept a journal of his service on the front. He wrote about the front, his travels, his wounds, but the thing that came up most often … more
 I knew we were turning the corner on Covidmania when I walked by two little girls, one black, one white, playing on their front lawn. They had cheerful, mask-free glowing smiles. They proudly … more
2022 No, that is not a mistake, it really is 2022. When did they change the length of a month, from four weeks to one week. It can’t be more than 12 weeks since I wrote the January article … more
While, on average, about 98 percent of known COVID-19 patients in the U.S. survive, this statistic needs some context, according to a Phelps Health employee who has battled the disease. After … more
In addition to being subjected to various forms of censorship, for the first time in living memory American doctors are getting threat letters from licensure boards warning them against distributing … more
I still remember a question I got years ago. It was at a public meeting in southern Indiana, in one of those squat, featureless cinder-block buildings you find all across the country. This young … more
It’s a cliché to say that everything’s connected. But we live in a world where this is clearly true. Ideas, goods, services, workers, tourists, commerce, communications, drugs, … more
The humorist Will Rogers was once asked about those who, like him, had not worn the uniform of the United States armed forces, “We can’t all be heroes,” he said. “Someone has … more
With over 80 container ships just sitting at the Long Beach and Los Angeles ports, I connected with Emily Hibard’s paper manufacturing family business, which was forced to sell their old … more
What can possibly go wrong when you funnel the private data of millions of citizens into the IRS? It’s a terrifying thought, but it’s one we may soon face as U.S. House Democrats … more
Coca-Cola, Google, Delta Airlines, Blackrock, Unilever, and Facebook. On its face, this list may sound like a great investment portfolio. Instead, as shown in a new book by former biotech CEO … more
I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it means to be an American, to have a shared stake in this country and its fortunes. In some ways, I suppose the question is unanswerable: We are … more
Bill Clinton used the slogan “It’s the Economy, Stupid” in his presidential campaign against George H.W. Bush. The idea was that a Clinton administration would deliver the … more
Most Americans alive 20 years ago remember where they were on September 11, 2001. They remember the airplane hijackings, the attacks, and the collapse of the Twin Towers. They remember the nearly … more
A month ago, we wrote a column on COVID-19 identifying a band of mostly rural counties from eastern Montana/western North Dakota down through Missouri and Texas and across the South where … more
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