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I spoke to a college ornithology class about birds a few years back. I think my talk went over really well except for my woodpecker recipes. I myself have had a great fascination with birds since I … more
About an hour before sunset I maneuvered the big pontoon boat across the wide and windy waters of Stockton Lake. I found a good spot of calm water out of the wind, off an eastern-facing bluff. I … more
The best time of the year to take a two- or three-day float trip is during early May, if you can plan around the high water and thunderstorms this time of year. It is usually warm enough during … more
An old man in the rural part of St. Clair County successfully worked to keep wild turkeys plentiful on his place. For 15 years he did a heck of a job! His name was Dan Besser. He bought some … more
I encourage old time turkey hunters to refrain from buying a turkey tag this spring and hunt them as I do… with a camera. I just don’t want to kill any more gobblers. I have killed them … more
The decline in wild turkey numbers over the past ten years is due to many things. The main cause takes place next weekend, the youth season, what one hunter has referred to the weekend best used to … more
I wrote about some things awhile back that some folks questioned. One column concerned skunks and someone hoorahed the idea that skunks carry rabies and therefore there is liable to be a rabies … more
Mont Cleary was not well-liked. Folks said he had killed a man in the 40s after a poker game on the river by pushing him over a bluff. Argis Blackfern was a good old boy that everyone in the … more
It was two o’clock in the afternoon before we got to the lake, and it was up a little but not much. The water was just a little murky, but there was still a few feet or so of visibility in it. … more
Jerry McCoy, who is one of the best north Arkansas guides, especially for White River trout, will be at our swap meet on Saturday with all kinds of antique and modern fishing gear and antique lures. … more
All through the fall hunting season, those of us who love to hunt waterfowl prayed for rain.   The one thing you need for great duck hunting is plenty of water, and we just didn’t have it. … more
A strange thing is happening out in California, where people are starting to live in caves. If you remember, I wrote about my grandfather and I staying in caves on the Big Piney River in the 60s. We … more
For most of two hours, the little beagle had struck trail after trail, and hotly pursued a half dozen cottontails in circles that wound around broamsedge, cedar thickets and patches of briar and … more
When I am hunting and fishing now I am almost always alone and I have conversations with myself. Some say that when someone does that, it is an indication that they are crazier than a pet coon, but I … more
The last few days of deer season are tough. Those final days for me occur at the close of the ‘muzzle- loader season” when whitetail deer are almost finished with the ‘rut’ … more
Doc Dykes was a frequent visitor to the pool hall in 1963. He was quiet and good humored, plagued with petit-mal seizures on occasion. Doc Dykes was a chiropractor, and likely as educated a man as … more
All through the history of the earth, (and I am talking about tens of thousands of years back) there has been ‘climate change’ on earth. If you want to call it that… I don’t. … more
I turned eleven years old in October of 1958. When we floated the river in November that year I just sat in the front of the old johnboat, peering over the front of the blind, wishing I could hunt … more
I continue to talk to Enforcement Chief Randy Doman of the Missouri Department of Conservation and try to pass on what he wants hunters and fishermen to know. I stress to many who doubt what I … more
I’m sure you remember old Ed Bradbury and Maggie, you haven’t been gone that long. Years ago we ducks on the slough over on the back of Ed’s farm, where you go to floundering around … more
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