Save America


Americans are witnessing the destruction of our Constitutional Republic by Democrats, wanting power over every aspect of our lives! When they use corrupt government agencies to criminalize parents as domestic terrorists, mandate vaccines/masks on businesses, the military, airlines, schools, defund the police while releasing criminals, open our borders to millions of illegals that’s depleting our economy/food supplies/overrunning our schools, giving illegals voting rights & gov’t benefits, then something is wrong!  When 100,000+ American children are dying, becoming violent with brain altering fentanyl/drugs, Dems take law abiding citizens guns away, leaving us defenseless from criminals & government.  Cartel/China and Russia are getting richer, while Americans pour $80 billion+ in an unending Russia war with Ukraine---the country that paid Hunter Biden $83,333 monthly!  Then, Biden gives Russia the job of negotiating US polices with Iran----insanity!

For years, we have had a two-sided justice system: Hillary Clinton destroyed 33,000 subpoenaed emails and concocted the 5 yr. Russian Collusion hoax. Eric Holder ignored a Congressional subpoena by using executive privilege. Comey didn’t follow protocol setting up General Flynn’s interview, lied on four FISA applications to spy on Trump. None of these people were punished! The FBI used force arresting Manafort, Stone, Navarro; then Giuliani for activities in Ukraine but Hunter Biden has no foreign license & makes millions dealing with foreign countries! Bobolinski exposed Joe Biden’s financial connection to Hunter’s business prior to the election and the media and gov’t depts. squashed the story.

President Biden told Merrick Garland he wanted Trump prosecuted! Facts you need to know: 1. General Services packed the boxes and Trump didn’t know what they contained. 2.Trump declassified every document going to his home. 3.The FBI had gone through and removed 15 boxes in June and Trump told them to take anything they wanted! They advised him to put a padlock on the door. The FBI went to an Obama supporting judge to get the warrant, that said any document from Trump’s term could be confiscated! Trump cooperated with the FBI, so a subpoena would have worked. The FBI won’t reveal the affidavit and the FBI broke the padlock and Trump’s “empty safe”!  

Democrats spent $300 billion for a “chip bill” that M. Rubio says China gets and $800 billion that 232 economists say hits people making under $100,000-inflation will soar! So, the IRS has been weaponized with AR-15s and .40 caliber Smith & Wessons, with a $40 billion budget. Requirement for 162,000 agents---be willing to carry a gun and use deadly force! Since 2011 the IRS spent $675,000 yearly on ammo, except in 2022 spent $696,000 in 3 months! Agents receive 11 weeks of Criminal Investigator Training by Federal Law Enforcement Center! Hitler: to conquer a nation, first disarm the citizens!


Charlotte Schnieders   

Jefferson City


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