Maries R-1 School Board talks of issues with campus improvement projects

By Laura Schiermeier, Staff Writer
Posted 8/3/22

VIENNA — The Maries R-1 School Board spent a significant amount of time at its July meeting discussing progress and problems with some of its current construction and building updates.

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Maries R-1 School Board talks of issues with campus improvement projects


VIENNA — The Maries R-1 School Board spent a significant amount of time at its July meeting discussing progress and problems with some of its current construction and building updates.

R-1 Superintendent Teresa Messersmith, during her administrative report, gave the board a construction update. She said Bales Construction has a couple of items on the checklist to complete. There have been some issues that include the doors not working properly. Messersmith has called the door manufacturer, asking the company to send a representative to the R-1 campus to check to see if the doors are installed properly. She said, “Bales has done all they know to do” and she hopes to get some guidance from the manufacturer. 

Bales gave the school district a quoted price on the maglocks for the new exterior doors of $27,000. “This is not an option,” Messersmith said. If the batteries are bad the door will not lock. Board President Vicki Bade asked if this issue will be resolved before school begins and Messersmith said she doesn’t think so. She is looking at other alternatives to get the doors functioning properly. The school district still owes Bales $5,000 and she doesn’t think it should be paid until the doors work. 

Messersmith said there are still drainage issues with the concession stand project. She was told the problem was poor design at the beginning. She spoke with the engineering company, BRP and was told they will give her options for resolving the issue and she is looking at options, too. BRP said to put splash guards at the bottom.

Reese’s Equipment gave a $10,000 bid to fix the drainage problem and Messersmith thinks Reese’s can fix it. But, BRP Engineering is not going to pay for it. 

Board member Dave Long said he’s seen the water running off the roof and pouring into a big flowerpot. Board member Mike Kleffner said there has to be some pipe close by. He doesn’t want to tear up the concrete and thinks Reese’s is doing good work. Messersmith agreed, saying they come and take care of things. Kleffner said it’s “a bad deal” when the engineer won’t do anything. 

Messersmith said Bales didn’t put enough electrical outlets in the concession stand that has multiple electric appliances needing power during operation. There is only one outlet in the concession stand. She was quoted $3,500 by one company to put in three electrical outlets. Another company, T&S, Iberia, quoted $1,700 for four outlets. Kleffner recommended reaching out to local electricians and Messersmith said she did. He said Bales should have seen they needed more than one electrical outlet in the concession stand. Messersmith said the electrician said it was in the plan but they put one on the exterior of the building instead of in the concession stand. There’s also no switch to the garbage disposal and the workers told her it was not in the plans made by BRP. 

Bade said there should be a meeting with BRP, Bales and the school district. Messersmith doubted BRP will do anything because it was not in the plans.

Rommel Doors installed a keyless entry pad for the concession stand door, but it’s not working and they think it’s a programming issue. 

Messersmith said the elementary school roof repair insurance claim was made and adjusters are working with Reese’s Equipment to get the project underway. The roof damage was estimated at $21,000, which the insurance will pay. Reese’s found more damages than the insurance adjuster found. The two entities will meet and the work will be explained to the adjuster. Reese’s said if all of the deficient areas are not fixed, the rain will come pouring in. They are waiting on the insurance adjuster who said he is coming back. 

Midwest Roofing has been working with the school district and wants some type of commitment. Reese’s representatives told Messersmith Midwest Roofing does good work and recommended the company for the shingles replacement work on the elementary school roof. The company has been doing the “leg work” for the school district. Messersmith said the work does not have to be put out for bid because it is costing the school district only its deductible, which is $1,000, and does not meet the bidding threshold. She said the goal is to get the roofer’s bid and the adjuster’s payment to match. Kleffner said he doesn’t understand why the shingles are bad as the ones on the high school have been on there longer. 

Messersmith said the problem is on the elementary roof on the Highway 42 side where there is a slope. The roofers said the shingles on the whole slope need to be replaced. Both Bales and Reese’s have used Midwest Roofing and recommended the company to her. Reese’s will work with the adjusters to get the project underway. 

Bade said the roof has to be fixed. She suggested calling the school district’s lawyer and tell them what’s happening and ask them to write a letter to BRP Engineering. It may be the school district can get part of the money back or get reimbursed. 

Also in the superintendent’s administrative report, she said the summer projects look really good. This included new paint and flooring in the FACS room, new tile in the elementary, and refinishing of the gym floor. 

All district owned buses will be inspected before school starts. Bus 17 is having transmission issues and bus 16 needs repairs as well. 

Summer school was a success with a total of 177 students attending with a total attendance rate of 96.80 percent. Of those 177 students, 106 were elementary, 25 were middle school, and 46 were high school. 

Messersmith told the board she will attend a tax rate workshop in early August at the Lake of the Ozarks and an educational counsel law seminar at Columbia. 


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