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Defending the Constitution


Dear Editor,
The idea that both political parties would always support and defend the constitution was a dream of the forefathers. It became blatantly obvious with the enactment of the Civil War that one side supports the constitution in full and others seek to manipulate it to their own advantage. Since then, the opposing side has continued through rhetoric, subversion, media manipulation and the abuse of power to undermine the constitution to serve their own purposes. I grew up thinking that all Americans, especially our public representatives, loved our country. How heartbreaking it is to see the deep seeded hatred for the basic fundamentals this country was founded on coming from the far left.
It has obviously been imbedded in their plan for decades and much longer. Their desire to tear down and destroy the moral foundation of law and order and the sovereignty of the majority built into the constitution is so wrong it actually feels evil. If it is so disgusting to be proud of being an American, I would like to know where they think life is so much better, where they could be proud? Everyone can’t be “right” and everyone can’t be wrong. But those who are wrong are so very dangerous to all Americans. Thank God for true Americans, who saw and still see the immense and timeless strength, morality and “rightness” built into our constitution for all peoples. God bless all of us who fear for the destruction of our country from within, the loss of our way of life, our children’s future and the belief of what it is to be a proud American.
All for the sake of personal profit and ultimate power, this group of billionaires that want One World Order to have control over every aspect of your life worked tirelessly twenty-four/seven to destroy the person standing in their way. They populated the media to dispel their lies and indoctrinated millions who were too lazy to research the truth. Just this week, Trump at the rally told people to be peaceful. A video shows five buses of Antifa people being dropped off at the capitol in Trump regalia. Another video inside the capitol, a woman is yelling over and over, “that’s Antifa, not us”! Yet, the media and those that listen to it called for Trump’s removal. They must “impeach him or he may return”! As it is his duty to protect this country and the people who populate it, would he declare martial law and arrest those that worked with foreign governments to throw this election? The question to you is would ”you” support him knowing that your freedoms are at stake?

Charlotte Schnieders
Jefferson City


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