Outdoors in the Ozarks
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Doc Dykes was a frequent visitor to the pool hall in 1963. He was quiet and good humored, plagued with petit-mal seizures on occasion. Doc Dykes was a chiropractor, and likely as educated a man as … more
All through the history of the earth, (and I am talking about tens of thousands of years back) there has been ‘climate change’ on earth. If you want to call it that… I don’t. … more
I turned eleven years old in October of 1958. When we floated the river in November that year I just sat in the front of the old johnboat, peering over the front of the blind, wishing I could hunt … more
I continue to talk to Enforcement Chief Randy Doman of the Missouri Department of Conservation and try to pass on what he wants hunters and fishermen to know. I stress to many who doubt what I … more
I’m sure you remember old Ed Bradbury and Maggie, you haven’t been gone that long. Years ago we ducks on the slough over on the back of Ed’s farm, where you go to floundering around … more
The people in North Arkansas are upset about the new proposal to make the Buffalo National River a ‘Park Preserve.’ Congress is being urged to do it because it would open it up to … more
I keep track of all the birds I have seen on this wilderness ridge where I live and there is a huge list after living here more than 30 years. Several are very rare. The rarest of all showed up about … more
The other day I crossed the Roubidoux River and thought about Lane Davis. Lane was the longtime owner and editor of the Houston Herald newspaper and he hired me to paddle him down the Roubidoux, … more
There’s an old model ‘97 Winchester pump shotgun hanging on my office wall. It is old and scarred, a long-barreled relic from the good old days of my boyhood. In the fall, when the Ozarks … more
I talk to outdoorsmen around the Ozarks it is amazing how ignorant they are about their rights as hunters and fishermen. The greater percentage of those I talk to wrongly believe that agents can come … more
A couple of weeks ago I was talking with guide in Ontario who got a good laugh out of the bear hunting which forbids using bait. He said that without bait, few bears would ever be killed anywhere. In … more
In mid-October, Lake of the Woods, Ontario, looked like it was mid-September; no red and yellow foliage to amount to much, just green hillsides and water warmer than I had ever seen it. The … more
Rotten luck, that’s all you can call it! The day before my birthday, in mid-October, I was fishing in Canada, way out in the Lake of the Woods, and found a great spot for walleye in a remote … more
There is a special place I visit to bow-hunt and get away from people and this awful world. It is on a lake and I get there by boat. I know that bass fishing is often very good on the nearby lake … more
Fisheries biologists started creating hybrid fish years ago. It hasn’t always worked out the way they thought it would. The cross of walleyes and saugers, produce something they called a … more
I was on Lake Wappapello this past week with an old-days college roommate, Darrell Hamby, of Patterson. We were fishing for crappie and reliving old times. That lake is something and though there … more
People need to know about new diseases that result from outdoor living. One of them is known as the ‘Alpha-gal’ syndrome, a sometimes fatal disease people get from the spotted wood tick … more
After all those years of joking about being a grizzled old veteran hunter, I now are one and it ain’t no joking matter! I hunted blue-winged teal during that very first special teal … more
Dove season is upon us and there are two or three reasons to avoid it as far as I am concerned. For one thing, I don’t want to hunt in crowds, and I don’t like to get sweat on my shotgun, … more
There are some problems this time of year for an outdoorsman who takes to the woods. It is the beginning of a more aggressive situation with copperheads due to the heat and skin-shedding time. And … more
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