All Republicans are racist


If you are a Republican or a conservative, you are without a doubt a racist.

That is the prevailing view of Republicans and conservatives by the vast majority of folks working in our country’s media. You don’t have to be a Tucker Carlson to be considered a racist. If you are a carpenter, farmer, accountant, real estate agent, dentist, mechanic, car salesman — you get the drift, if you do just about any kind of work — and you’re not sympathetic to the causes of Joe Biden and the Democrats, then you are a racist. There is no other explanation.   

Regardless of what kind of work you do, if you don’t like paying $5 or $6 a gallon for gas and diesel, you’re a racist. 

If you are concerned about our nation’s rising crime rate, you’re a racist.

If you think we should be producing more crude oil in this country, as opposed to buying it from Russia, Iran or some other nation ruled by those who want to destroy us, you’re a racist.

If you think it’s unfair for a biological male to compete with women, you’re a racist.

If you think illegal immigration is a bad idea, you’re a racist.

If you think it was wrong for vast numbers of federal government employees, members of the media and the Hillary Clinton campaign to come up with the Russian Collusion Hoax, you’re a racist.

If you have any doubts about how Dr. Fauci, members of the media or Democratic officeholders handled the COVID pandemic, you’re a racist.

If you think China had a little something to do with COVID, you’re a racist. 

If you think inflation is a bit out of control or if you think Democrat spending has anything to do with inflation, you’re a racist.

If you think our free speech rights are being stepped on, you’re a racist.

If you think Big Tech and media folks suppressed coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop during and after the 2020 election, so as to benefit Joe Biden and the Democrats, you’re a racist.

If you think Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the two worst presidents in the history of this country, you’re a racist.

If you’d rather drink a beer with Elon Musk than Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, then you’re probably a big racist.

What exactly is a racist? I’m not certain I know. But I do have a question for those who consider all Republicans and all conservatives racist.

If it was wrong for the black, Democratic lieutenant governor of New York to take a $50,000 bribe from people who wanted to influence his actions, then why is it not wrong for the white President of the United States to take millions of dollars in bribes from Russian and Chinese interests who want to influence his actions?  


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