Bland city officials sworn in Monday

Roxie Murphy
Staff Writer

Bland City Clerk Rachel Anderson swore in a new mayor and three aldermen at-large at the regular Monday night meeting.

The three aldermen at-large positions included chairs two and four up for election and chair three with the remaining one-year unexpired term of Jim Carpenter. With four new city officials expected, and only two actually declaring for chairs, Anderson completed checks to make sure write-in candidates met qualifications to serve as aldermen at-large in advance. Qualifications include being 21-years-old or older for mayor, 18-years-old or older for alderman, not owing taxes to the city, and being a city resident .

Unopposed incumbent Sherry Spradling, who was serving in chair three, won chair two, a two-year term, with 33 votes; write-in candidate Diana Mayfield received 16 votes and won chair four with a two-year term; and the one-year unexpired term of Carpenter in chair three was filled by write-in candidate Tommy Thompson with five votes.

Unopposed mayoral candidate Lee Medlock was awarded the one-year unexpired seat, held by interim mayor Ron Shafferkoetter, with 59 votes.

Election results for the two undeclared at-large positions included the following write-ins: Mayfield with 16 votes, Thompson with 15 votes, Josh Jarvis (incumbent alderman at-large) with one vote and Rodney Lexa with one vote.

The alderman at-large one-year seat received the following votes: Mayfield with nine votes, Tommy Thompson with five votes, Dave Ryan with two votes, and Jill Scholttog and Rita Medlock each received one vote.

“Since Diana Mayfield had the most votes for both the one-year and two-year chairs, she got to choose, which she wanted and she chose the two-year,” Andersons said. “That leaves Tommy (Thompson) with the one-year unexpired term.”

Spradling, Carpenter, Mayfield and Thompson were sworn into office at the end of the April 8 meeting.

At the close of elections, Bland precinct had 131 voters turn out.