What will they do next?


To the Editor:


To those of you who may be applauding or celebrating the August 8, 2022, FBI raid on former president Donald  Trump’s home in Florida, congratulations — Daniel Ortega, Kim Jung Un and all the other third world communist dictators salute you.

One political party, under the direction of President Joe Biden, used the force and power of the federal government, to raid a political rival. Never in our 246-year history since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, has any political party released the full force of government against a political opponent.

If they can do this to a former president, think what they can do to you.

The democrats just authorized an additional 87,000 IRS agents. We all know what the deep state intends to do with them. Obama already used the IRS in 2010 under the direction of Lois Lerner to harass and intimidate Tea Party groups seeking 501c3 tax exemptions.

Obama routinely weaponized federal agencies against his political rivals all in the name of his “radical transformation” of America. Obama has made no secret of his contempt for this nation from its founding.

Since our founding millions of men and women have sacrificed all to protect this nation and our liberty. FromYorktown and Gettysburg here at home to far-flung places throughout the world. Places with names such as Verdun, Bastogne, Iwo Jima, Chosin Reservoir, Hue and Baghdad all in the name of freedom.

Now this?

Imagine what our Founders would think? Imagine what the patriots who have spilled their blood in the furtherance of liberty, and the rule of law throughout our 246-year history would think?

Whether you like Donald Trump or despise him, the one thing he did that the establishment will never forgive him for, is how he exposed the corrupt deep state. The corruption runs deep in both parties, no one in Washington D.C. has clean hands. Trump, the outsider, turned over the rocks and kicked over the furniture and the cockroaches of both parties scattered. Their little fiefdoms had been exposed for all to see; his own party fought him just as hard as the democrats but still he prevailed.

Hillary Clinton’s bought and paid for Russian collusion hoax designed to take Trump out failed miserably. After wasting millions of dollars there was no evidence, it was all concocted by Clinton’s thugs. The thoroughly corrupt FBI under the proven liars James Comey and Andrew McCabe, planted bogus stories in the media. Obama’s henchmen John Brennan and James Clapper spied on members of Trump’s campaign and leaked false narratives to the complicit media in an ongoing effort to destroy Trump. Trump withstood it all and won in 2016 despite the Obama Biden administration’s criminal conduct.

In 2020, the most fraudulent election in U S history finally took Trump out. 

Evidence of fraud was never looked at, but in the meantime more and more evidence has come forward that lends support to Trump’s claims of election irregularity. And the democrat corporate media has been in a frenzy as Biden’s popularity plummets and as the nation slips into recession, and inflation is at a 40 year high.

Trillions of dollars in retirement funds have vanished, energy prices are at record high prices, the broken supply chains have resulted in empty store shelves and the absence of basic necessities. Biden is begging Venezuela and Saudi Arabia for oil after having nearly destroyed our own energy sector.

But to the Democrats and their corporate media propagandists the real danger lies in Trump’s rising popularity.

 Their J6 soviet style show trial was going the way of the Russia hoax, exploding in their faces. Democrats are facing a wipe out in the coming elections and their President and Vice President are the laughingstocks of the entire world. 

Something had to be done, they threw all caution to the wind and did what has never been done in our history. They have crossed a line that even the most uninterested among us have taken notice of. Dangerous days lie ahead, what will they do next?

Prepare wisely.

Ed Adams, Gerald


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