To our patients and community


The partnership between physicians and their patients is one built on confidence, mutual respect and honesty. When patients find physicians they value, these relationships are significant and often last a lifetime.

Recently, several physicians and providers have departed from our Medical Group. While change is never easy, this is especially true for our patients who have put their well-being into the hands of these individuals whom they have trusted with their health.

We know physician and provider departures might create feelings of confusion in the community, especially for our patients, and we apologize for any uncertainty this may have caused. Many of the patients affected by these changes also are our own family members, friends and employees. Change can be hard and is often difficult to assess and estimate.

Physicians and providers leave organizations for both personal and professional reasons. Regardless of the reasons for these changes, we know these partings are difficult for our patients who now need to find other options for their care.

We value our patients’ belief in us, and we would never intentionally breach that trust. We promise to continue to provide the communities we serve with high-quality, accessible healthcare, and we are always willing to assist our patients with finding physicians or providers who best meet their health, wellness and lifestyle needs.

At Phelps Health, we are dedicated to creating a culture consistent with the promotion of our organizational values. We sincerely appreciate our communities’ continued support of our organization, and we promise to be here for our patients when they need us the most-both now and in the future.


Phelps Health Board of Trustees and Administration


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