Things are going poorly


Things are going poorly in Ukraine for both the Russians and Ukrainians. The Russians are demonstrating brutality and incompetence on a shocking scale, causing terrible suffering for Ukraine’s 40 million residents. The shooting by Russian soldiers of 10 Ukrainians waiting in line for food showed the really ugly face of Communism. How poorly the Russians are prosecuting the war also tells us a lot about Communism – it’s a failed system of government. It works poorly. 

Many economists are saying Russia will end up defaulting on its debt. That’s certainly not surprising. The only reason Russia had any money to pay for its war machine is that Joe Biden greatly reduced U.S. production of oil and gave a financial windfall to Putin that allowed him to move against Ukraine. If oil stayed under $40 a barrel, where it was until Joe’s actions, Putin could not have launched his invasion. Make no mistake about it, Ukrainian blood is on the hands of Joe Biden. Democrats said that Trump helped Putin. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Trump’s policies were crushing Putin. It was Biden who gave him a helping hand.

Don’t be surprised if this country also ends up in financial hot water. We have been spending money in a manner that makes the proverbial drunken sailor look like a spendthrift. 

How are we going to pay for the cost of providing food, housing, utilities, education and medical care for the millions of illegal immigrants pouring into this country?

How are we going to give a hand to Ukrainian refugees and the even more numerous Ukrainians still in that country who will desperately need help?

How are we going to pay the interest on our growing national debt?

Are we going to even make a serious attempt to bring inflation under control?

How high are we willing to let oil prices go?

High oil prices and inflation have been brought to us by Joe Biden, even though Joe and his supporters would have you believe the culprits are Putin and big American businesses.

The truth is Biden could greatly decrease oil prices and inflation by announcing that he is going to open the oil spigot. In the first days of his presidency, Biden sent oil prices soaring by announcing that he would be reducing oil production in this country. By allowing U.S. producers to do what they did under Trump, we would see oil output increase and prices go down. We would also see a reduction in inflation. Will Biden allow increased production? I doubt it. The result will almost certainly be higher energy prices and more inflation.

Early this week, crude oil was selling for $110 a barrel. That’s not too far from the record price of $145 a barrel set in 2008, when the last big recession hit. That recession was caused by a housing collapse, coupled with high energy prices. If Biden keeps the brakes on oil production, another recession becomes a certainty, not just a strong likelihood. 

It’s not just Biden’s energy policy that is killing us, for almost two years Democrats have been saying, “Defund the Police.” That horrible idea has literally led to many American deaths. What is the difference between Russian soldiers shooting Ukrainians standing in a food line and progressive/communist prosecutors turning loose hard-core criminals so they can shoot up neighborhoods in America’s big cities? These shootings have resulted in the highest homicide rate in decades in many places and the highest rates ever in others? In his recent state of the union address Biden came out against Defund the Police. Where has our president been for the past almost two years?

Two of the worst offenders are Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon and New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Both are seeing crime surge in their jurisdictions. Gascon is even facing recall by voters. In addition to a surge in crime, both men have another thing in common. They were given heavy financial support by George Soros, a man who supports communist causes around the world.

Soros is doing his best to cause grave harm to America, while saying that Russia’s alliance with China could destroy our civilization. If Soros can seriously weaken this country, who will be able to stand up to Russia and China?

Many around the world are fearful when Putin brandishes his nuclear weapons. If you think Putin is scary, wait until Biden succeeds in giving nuclear weapons to Iran. Iranian leaders are the only people on the planet that can make Putin seem normal and reasonable. 


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