The world has a problem


The world has a Vladimir Putin problem. But much worse than the Putin problem is its Communist problem.

Putin didn’t turn into a monster by chance. For years he has been a Communist, a political philosophy designed to create monsters. Communism in Russia, China and elsewhere has created butchers far worse than Putin. 

Long before Putin came along Russia’s Communist leaders killed millions of their own citizens – farmers and people who dared practice their religion were among the hardest hit. Joseph Stalin, who led Russia from 1922 until his death in 1953, killed more people than Adolf Hitler.

In China, that country’s Communist leader Mao Zedong killed more people during his reign from 1949 until 1976 than either Hitler or Stalin, and probably more than both men combined.

The media downplays the evils of Communism. One writer recently tried to blame Putin’s madness on the fact Putin and his family were living in Leningrad when that Russian city was under siege by Hitler’s army from 1941 to 1944. The hardships caused by the siege supposedly left young Vladimir with irrevocable emotional scars. The only problem with that theory is that Putin wasn’t born until 1952. 

In the year Putin was born, President Harry Truman had troops in South Korea to prevent the takeover of that country by North Korea and China. Democratic presidents in those days fought to contain the spread of Communism. Democratic presidents today take $1.5 billion bribes from Communist China. Biden has also taken bribes from Russians. The bribes obviously are ignored by the media.

The bribes are working. From his first day in office Biden has labored feverishly to destroy our energy independence and he has been very successful. In late October of 2020, just days before the November election that was stolen by Biden, crude oil was selling under $40 a barrel. The U.S. was the leading producer of oil in the world at that time. Today crude is bringing well above $120 and going up daily. Pump prices in this area are approaching $4 a gallon, which would be about double where they were before the election.

Biden’s energy policy has made Putin. When crude was selling under $40, Putin had no money. At today’s prices he felt he could afford to go to war. Putin may not succeed in taking over Ukraine, but at the very least he has unleased forces that may well cause more suffering than COVID. And it was all unnecessary. 

Here’s another example of how the media is covering for Biden. USA Today had a story March 3 with a headline that read, “How much oil does the U.S. buy from Russia? Not much, but gas prices are rising amid Ukraine invasion.” The story went on to report that in 2021 the U.S. imported 209,000 barrels per day from Russia. What the story didn’t say is that currently we are importing 672,000 barrels of oil daily. That figure comes from the Wall Street Journal. The former story is a misrepresentation. Fake news is a good description of that kind of reporting.

To understand the real futility of Biden’s energy policy, you need to look at the policy’s goal: fighting climate change. Who are our climate change partners? Our biggest ally – according to the administration – would be China. To think that China is going to join us in saving the environment is a joke. China has some of the most polluted air, water and soil in the world. China is not going to change. By reducing our oil production, we are helping China and Russia and causing grave harm to ourselves and innocent nations such as Ukraine. 

I recently came across a story that shows how China is totally lacking in concern for its soil and people who consume the crops produced on that soil.

For years China has been irrigating its crops with polluted water. The water is so polluted, it often kills or damages crops. But in China’s western region, rainfall is so deficient the farmers can either irrigate with polluted water or get no crop. But what of the consumers of these crops? The people of China are forced to eat the tainted crops. Do some of their crops filter in the world’s food supply? It would be hard to believe that it doesn’t. How much comes to the U.S.? One thing we do know for sure, the bulk of our medicines come from China. That’s reassuring, isn’t it?

When I was growing up, we knew Communism was bad. We were told that by all kinds of people. In 1951, when I was 10, The Korean War broke out. I still vividly recall reading and listening to radio accounts about how United Nations troops – led by the U.S. – stopped the Communist advance and South Korea went on to develop into a prosperous nation. President Truman led that effort. Today, Joe Biden is doing everything to help the leading Communist nations.

There is one other thing I would point out to you and that’s an old video of a speech made by Bishop Fulton Sheen. Years ago the leaders of the Catholic Church realized that Communism was evil. Bishop Sheen did an incredibly good job of describing those evils. His presentation is 25 minutes long. I realize that’s a lot of time. But I don’t know where you could spend 25 minutes more productively. If you do invest the time, you will realize Putin is what you might expect to come out of the Communist system.

The name of the video is “The man who knew Communism best.” Please give it a try. The power elites have not yet deleted it or made it impossible to find.


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