Mail Bag

The Scourge of Welfare


To the Editor:
“These programs have created a permanent underclass in America by subsidizing fatherlessness and unemployment.”
As was acknowledged, those programs have been around fifty-plus years and they for sure are not going away. Once the public experiences easy money they develop a serious taste for it. The current dearth of people seeking employment is just the latest example.
I’m sure most taxpayers would prefer these programs be abridged, but that ship has sailed decades ago. America has a long list of programs proving there’s no putting the genie of government largess back in the bottle. I pay my taxes, knowing that a high percentage of them (and borrowed trillions more) will be spent irresponsibly, and leave it at that. Fortunately, every now and then I get a huge bang for my buck—like the Owensville swim park and all the new Scenic Regional Libraries.
“The left essentially uses these subsidies to buy votes.”
They most certainly do! And with the Democrats now occupying the White House and both of Georgia’s Senate seats, I’d say that pay-to-play plan worked much more effectively than did Donald J. Trump’s voter-fraud allegations and strong-arming of state officials. I do not condone the practice of buying votes, but anyone who isn’t aware that the body politic is chock-full of devious and underhanded maneuvering has simply not been paying attention.
As I’ve stated before, future generations will be the ones to pay the price for my and previous generations’ mismanagement of the nation’s affairs. I’s be less than honest not to own up to my portion of responsibility, but in the meantime I’ll simply take my seat upon the government gravy train and go along for the ride, knowing that others are picking up the tab.


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