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Stopping Marxism Now


Rulers throughout history wiped out total populations in their desire for power. It has been said, “if we don’t know history, we are bound to repeat it”. We are witnessing the destruction of the greatest, freest nation on earth---America! Founded on the principles that “all men are created equal”; so embedded that our patriots fought to defend those rights in other countries.

Now, those patriots are being silenced, harassed, punished for warning those less politically involved and those so indoctrinated by media that a government “freebie” is more important than living free. A president so weak cognitively that radical Marxists can manipulate policies.

Matthew Lohmeier, an AF officer and Commander in the Space Force, is suffering ramifications for exposing the Marxism that has infiltrated the military, schools, government and every segment of our society. In his book, “Irresistible Revolution” he historically outlines Marxist’ goals, which are: “abolition” of all ordered government, private property and inheritance, patriotism, the family, marriage, morality, children’s education and all religion! With Biden’s military spending cuts, killing Trump’s advanced military weapons system, stopping oil and gas production, how will our racial divided, weakened military defend our country? Will they be used to confiscate citizens’ guns? Yet, Biden at the G7 Summit wants to redistribute American wealth to over 100 countries, rejoin the Iran deal, the Paris Accord and W.H.O. costs unimaginable!

Like Hitler, who indoctrinated children to burn books, 4500 American schools are teaching (CRT) critical race theory lies (1619 project) that America is racist, whites are privileged and blacks oppressed. Historical statues have been torn down, businesses burned and looted and fully supported by Democrats, who bailed out rioters, established no bail policies and are defunding police departments. Crime/murders are soaring and safety endangered! Soros, who funds Black Lives Matter has goals to destroy the family through introducing gender transformation in grade school without parental consent and changing language/history.

If you cared about your safety, you’d be worried about the unvetted millions of illegals and deadly fentanyl crossing our borders daily. Democrats want to close all prisons and put inmates in our communities. By eliminating the filibuster and passing HR1 allowing “no voter ID” (thus allowing illegals and prisoners to vote) Democrats’ goal of staying in power forever will be realized.

The “trillions” Democrats spent and proposed will lead to inflation, the dollar devaluation and to digital currency, so Democrats have access to your bank accounts! The spending has to end, CRT and gender transformation removed from schools & sports! Every patriot who loves this country must stand up now and get these radicals, who don’t love our country out of power. Previous generations did this and now it is our duty!


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