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Pressure on Cuomo increases


The pressure on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to mount. The powerful media interests that had formerly heaped praise on him are now clamoring for his resignation.

Will he survive? I don’t know if his enemies will get him, but I suspect they might. The one thing I truly hope is that he hangs on long enough that the investigation into his conduct includes looking into the actions of others that were as bad or worse.

Take New York’s neighboring state of Pennsylvania. In March of last year, Cuomo issued his order that required Covid patients that were discharged from hospitals to be put back into nursing homes while they were still infectious and posing a threat to the other residents. Pennsylvania at the same time issued a similar order, also putting that state’s nursing home patients at risk. There was one difference between the policies of the two states. The director of Pennsylvania’s health department removed her mother from the nursing home where these infected patients were being brought. Neither the director nor Pennsylvania’s Democratic governor had any problem with this. Both in my opinion are many times as culpable as Cuomo.

The culpability goes even deeper. This conduct was heavily criticized by Fox News, but Joe Biden and the Democrats chose to ignore it. Biden called Cuomo a “model” for the nation. The New York Times and The Washington Post chose to ignore it at the time, when something could still be done. It’s a little late now to be critical of Cuomo. The Swamp crowd has been lying about Trump so long they have become insensitive to their own misconduct.

Cuomo’s top aide admitted the governor’s folks hid the number of deaths because they were afraid of being prosecuted by the Department of Justice under Trump. Do you for one minute doubt that people that can kill nursing home patients would hesitate to steal votes? They had to steal votes to get the Department of Justice back in their own hands to avoid prosecution for their crimes.

I think there is still a great deal more to the story. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and other drugs have been shown to be effective in treating Covid. Search hydroxychloroquine on Google and you will see almost exclusively a list of negative stories about the drug. Search on any other engine and you will find numerous positive stories. What happened here is that the Swamp creatures – by eliminating HCQ as a choice for Americans – have killed far more people than Andrew Cuomo.

HCQ works. It saved the lives of many people, including that of the husband of Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. The story of how HCQ could have saved the lives of thousands needed to be told, but it simply wasn’t.

Andrew Cuomo deserves to be forced to resign in humiliation. It would be sad if an even worse fate were not experienced by the others.


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