Let’s learn to be more civil in 2022


At the end of his call with President Joe Biden on Christmas Eve, Jared Schmeck, a 35-year-old father of four from Oregon, ended his call with “Let’s go, Brandon,” a phrase that has become synonymous for the more vulgar “F*** Joe Biden.” 

Of course, Schmeck is now receiving death threats from those on the left who believe he was not civil with our President.

Let me start by disclosing; if it had been me on the phone with President Biden, I wouldn’t have used that phrase. That’s just me. 

I confess that I have used the “F” word before. My use of the word usually has to do with difficulties I am experiencing with my computer or immediately after I accidentally injure myself.

I have never used the “F” word against another person, nor have I given anyone the middle finger. 

Some people — you may know a few — use the “F” word like they are sprinkling salt on their eggs for breakfast — way too much.

Many of today’s comedians rely on that word. Comedians I listened to as a child — Red Skeleton, Jack Benny, George Burns and Gracie Allen — would never think of using a cuss word in their routines.

They didn’t have to.

Now it’s fashionable. In many circles, the “F” word has become an acceptable part of our culture.

What is comical is that Democrats, specifically those who made using the “F” word against Donald Trump an art-form, are now shocked and dismayed that anyone would insult our sitting President in that manner.

In fact, many Democrat pundits in the media defended those who insulted Trump in this way.

After Juli Briskman, from Virginia, was photographed flipping Trump the middle finger as his motorcade passed her in 2017, she was fired. Following this, a headline in the Washington Post read, “It should be illegal to fire the cyclist who gave Trump the finger.”

Soon after Trump was elected, bumper stickers with the “F” word started showing up. One, in particular, said, “F*** Trump and f*** you for voting for him.”

During a May 2020 press conference, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot toned down her message when she said, “What I really want to say to Donald Trump, it’s two words, it begins with F and ends with U.”

Actor Robert De Niro received a standing ovation when he said: “F*** Trump” at the 2018 Tony Awards.

The progressive website change.org still has a page up on their site that promotes a petition entitled “Tell Donald Trump to Go F*** Himself.”

FDT is a song released in 2016 by YG featuring Nipsey Hussle. FDT stands for “F*** Donald Trump.”

When President Trump attended an event at New York’s Madison Square Garden in November 2019, the crowd yelled out the lyrics to FDT.

During an October 2017 concert at the Marquee Theatre in Phoenix, Ariz., rap star Macklemore led the crowd in a “F*** Donald Trump” chant.

Another rap star, 50 Cent, who supported Trump before he was elected, changed his mind under pressure from his girlfriend and wrote, “F*** Donald Trump, I never liked him.”

Iconic rapper Snoop Dogg, who used a toy gun in a 2017 music video to shoot a clown resembling Trump, said, “Donald Trump is a f***king weirdo. If you voted for him, I don’t have no problem with that. But if you’re still with him, f*** you.”

The “F” word was not enough of an insult for many Democrats during the Trump administration. In 2018 the New York Times published a fictional story of Trump being gunned down by an assassin, using a gun given to him by a Secret Service agent.

Of course, who can forget Kathy Griffin, the 58-year-old comedian who tweeted a photo of herself in 2017 holding a severed head of Trump?

When any side of the political aisle lowers themselves to insults and name-calling, it takes the focus off the real problem.

Like most of America today, I blame the Biden Administration for the problems we are now facing, including the rise in inflation, illegal immigration, and crime. I also believe how we exited from Afghanistan was America’s worst foreign policy action in decades, if not the last century. If I met Biden tomorrow, I could express that without using the “F” word. 

Let’s all start 2022 by being more civil to each other.



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