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I hope Americans are Aware


I hope that Americans are aware of the man-made climate disaster that is occurring out West. We are in the midst of a 1,200-year drought, and the ramifications are only beginning to understand it and our willingness to face up to the facts. The oil companies have known since the 1970s of the threat of global climate change, but have denied it to this day. Now Lake Mead is down to 36 percent of its capacity, our ability to water our crops is very questionable, and the heat wave in Washington and Oregon is off the charts. We have temperatures of 115 degrees in areas that air conditioning is not the norm. And getting more air conditioners is not the quick and easy solution as we would like. The drought belt is slowly moving East, MO is on the edge of such. During the last five decades, every decade has been warmer than the previous. We are just beginning to understand that we are in a multi-generational fight that will exceed my lifetime. We simply cannot keep dismissing this threat to the future of the entire world, as Ex-President Trump did on a Friday night news dump with a dismissive “I don’t believe it” on a Friday night news dump.
The Republicans having dismissed the idea of a bi-partisan investigation on the attempted coup on January 6th, Nancy Pelosi has no choice but to establish a Democratic led commission. The Republicans will cry foul that the investigation is not bi-partisan, to which I will say one word, Benghazi. Kevin McFarland stated that the real reasons for all those investigations was to drive Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers down. Nancy Pelosi has no choice but to get to the bottom of this direct attack on our government.
The real founders of Antifa were Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and George Patton. For those who think that Antifa played a prominent role in this attempted coup, they should want a full investigation, instead of just ignoring it, hoping that time will cause us to just forget it.
In Arizona, the recount will be finalized before long, and those who want to believe the results will, i.e., conceptual denial or willful ignorance. The company conducting this audit did not even have an office in Florida, as they claimed, the ballots are destroyed, and the voting machines will have to be replaced, at a cost of millions of dollars. The ballots are somewhere in Montana, there is no chain of custody. The entire process is an obvious sham. But it will allow Donald Trump continue his big lie, and one result is to have new laws on voter intimidation, suppression, and nullification or election theft.


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