Education in America; part two


Occasionally I scan the comments below the articles I read on-line. A statement from GeneKS grabbed my attention. He said, “When I graduated college in chemical engineering. I was asked one question by the Amoco recruiter: ‘Why is a company in business?’”

Out of 28 applicants, only two — GeneKS and one other — gave the correct answer. They were both offered jobs. What do you think the correct answer was?

As I pointed out in last week’s column, education in America is declining. Corporations are starting to sit up and take notice. 

Here is another comment from Travelon129 that makes my point. “I work with a large national engineering firm. We are currently looking to employ over 15 engineers; it’s difficult to find qualified candidates. Universities are not equipping graduates with skills but attitudes. We currently have 12 universities that we will not interview graduates from. The current interview list contains graduates from overseas. I am sure that we are not alone in this.”

At one time, educators taught students how to think and reason. Today, in most instances, students are being taught what to think. By definition, that is indoctrination.

The indoctrination starts as young as preschool. A preschool teacher in North Carolina was reprimanded last week for using flashcards featuring LGBTQ themes to teach colors. One card depicted a pregnant man.

A program called “GoKar” — Kids Against Racism — promoted by the University of Texas, Austin for educators teaches White children as young as four how to deal with “anti-Black racism.”

Four-year-old white children, who don’t have a racist bone in their bodies, are being taught that their race is racist.

A public school in Washington, D.C. gave children as young as four-years-old a lesson on “anti-racism” called “Anti-Racism Fight Club ” by speaker Doyin Richards. During this lesson kids were asked to identify racist members of their family.

A preschool center in central Missouri recently lost its license after the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) accused them of giving the children gummies bears laced with a drug — without the parents’ knowledge — to help them sleep after lunch. 

In a related story, a school nurse in Connecticut was suspended for revealing in an on-line post that her school was giving puberty blockers to students without their parents’ permission. The whistle-blower lost her job because her post was branded transphobic.

Kathleen Cataford, who worked at the Richard J Kinsella Magnet School in Hartford posted “As a public school nurse, I have an 11yo female student on puberty blockers and a dozen identifying as non-binary, all but two keeping this as a secret from their parents with the help of teachers, SSW [social workers] and school administration.”

Catford claimed that “children are introduced to this confusion in kindergarten.”

Parents are also being lied to about Critical Race Theory (CRT). Tony Kinnett, a former Indiana school administrator, told Fox News, “Parents, when we tell you critical race theory isn’t taught in our schools we’re lying. Keep looking. “It means one thing, go away and look into our affairs no further.”

Kinnett added that CRT concepts taught in classrooms include telling “students that every problem is a result of White men. And that … everything Western civilization built is racist capitalism and a tool of white supremacy — those are straight out of Kimberlé Crenshaw’s main points verbatim in [her book Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed the Movement].”

A current assistant principal at the Castle Bridge School in Washington Heights, New York, David Rosas, said on Chalkbeat that “Critical race theory is interwoven in all that I do.”

Schools should teach our children how to think and reason, how to read, write and understand math. Instead the left is in the process of hijacking the education system to tell them what to think.

Remember it is the radical left who push these ideas. If you believe parents should have no control over their kids’ education and are happy with the decline in education in America, vote for Democrats this fall.

The correct answer to the question from the Amoco recruiter was “to make money.”

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26 October, 2021
I work with a large National engineering firm. Our HR Department is currently examining Universities that are not a fit for us. We have are currently looking to employ over 15 engineers, it’s difficult to find qualified candidates. Universities are not equipping graduates with skills but attitudes. We currently have 12 universities that we will not interview graduates from. The current interview list contains graduates from overseas. I am sure that we are not alone in this.
26 October, 2021
Replying to Travelon129
When I graduated college in chemical engineering.  I was asked one question by the Amoco recruiter:  “Why is a company in business?.  My answer was to make money.  Only two students out of 28 answered that way and both were offered jobs.


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