Why I hate radio commercials

Dennis Warden

There are many different medias that businesses can use to advertise on. Of course my favorite is the newspaper. Along with newspapers there is TV, radio, billboards, magazines, direct mail, the internet, yard signs and more.

What I like about newspaper advertising is that it does not intrude or force itself on us. If you don’t want to read an ad in the newspaper you don’t have to. No one is forcing you. 

Everyone buys a newspaper for two things, the articles and the ads. Many people purchase a newspaper for the advertising looking for a new car, a job, a place to eat out or the best price for eggs at the grocery store.

For those who watch broadcast television, commercials can be both funny and entertaining. If you are like me, the commercials are an opportunity to get something to eat, drink, or to visit the bathroom.

To escape the commercials all together my family has stayed away from cable and satellite TV for close  to 25 years. We now utilize Netflix and other forms of video streaming for entertainment — without any advertising. When I need relieve my self I don’t have to wait for a commercial. I just hit pause.

Radio commercials to me are the worst. Let me explain. Most of the time I listen to radio when I‘m in my car. Both my vehicles are equipped with Sirius Satellite Radio. I spend that money so I don’t have to listen to the radio commercials.

What’s ironic are radio commercials for car dealers —  the same dealers who sell cars with satellite radio so you don’t have to listen to their radio commercials.

There are some radio talk shows, mostly found on KMOX out of St. Louis, that I enjoy enough to put up with the commercials.

The problem is I am trapped in my car and I cannot get away. The worst time is during an election. You hear the same commercials over and over and over. It doesn’t take long before they become annoying.

Doesn’t anyone in radio understand that you can hear something too much? The one that bothers me the most is Kars for Kids. That commercial has been around for years. I refuse to listen to it. If it comes on I turn the radio off or change the channel.

In my office I don’t have good radio reception. When I want to listen to music I connect to Internet Radio through iTunes on my computer. That can be worse. They play the same three commercials every five minutes…and one of them is Kars for Kids.

I hit mute on the keyboard every time.

Other annoying radio commercials I’ve heard are for:

Flipping Houses

Erectile Dysfunction

Debt Relief

Tax Relief from the Government

RX Watch

Investing in Silver

Investing in Oil Wells

Bed Sheets

My Pillow

Men’s Underwear

Most of the above commercials impress on you the need to take advantage of their offer NOW or you will miss the opportunity. I’ve been hearing commercials wanting me to invest in silver for at least three years. The message changes but it is always the same: “Silver is at an all time low, ready to double or triple in price. Buy now before it’s too late.”

Many radio commercials push that urgency. Psychologically we don’t want to miss out on something.

The latest commercial I just heard that drives me crazy is for crypto currency. They are promoting this now because bitcoin, another type of virtual currency is losing value.

Well I missed out on bitcoin and I am going to miss out on crypto currency, as well as investing in oil wells and learning how to flip houses.

If you think about it I bet there are some radio commercials that drive you crazy too.

Radio commercials used to be entertaining and fun to listen to. I remember one from the early 80’s narrated by the great Hoyt Axton. He was swimming up the Current River, infested with alligators, pulling a barge of Budweiser because everyone had run out of beer. He was the savoir. That was a good radio commercial. That commercial was only played for short time, and I still remember it.

A good radio commercial pulls you into the ad enabling you to see the product without pictures. It should not drive you crazy having to listen to it over and over and over again.