A watermelon rebuttal

Connie Warden

As a watermelon lover, I cannot stand by and let Dennis glorify apples and not share a few words on behalf of the wonderfully sweet, juicy and delectable watermelon. Here are just a few thoughts to share to help him see the error of his ways.

• How many times have you heard of apple seed spitting contests? I dare say they are few and far between. On the other hand, watermelon seed spitting is a national pastime — or at the very least you have heard of this activity.

• Watermelons can be served out of its own package. Just look around at the number of picnics where creative people have lovingly carved the watermelon into a marvelous masterpiece and serving bowl.

• Watermelon can be served in slices or you can use a melon baller to make cute little balls of sweet juiciness.

• Watermelons are a science teacher’s dream. They can be dropped off tall structures to show the dynamics of gravity. I haven’t heard of any science teachers, or students for that matter, getting excited over seeing an apple smashed on the pavement after being tossed off a rooftop.

• I’m certain somewhere in this great country of ours there are contests for the largest watermelons grown. Maybe for apples as well, but the watermelon would beat an apple any day of the week.

• Perhaps the best argument for the superiority of watermelon over apples would be the simple fact that a watermelon is so good on its own that we don’t need to find a million and one ways to serve it.