R-1 Principal Burkholder resigns

Laura Schiermeier

VIENNA — Maries R-1 Elementary Principal Sherree Burkholder, who has resigned her position at the end of her contract year, June 30, 2018, made a comment about her resignation after press time last week. Burkholder was not present at the Jan. 29 school board meeting. Superintendent Joe Dunlap read her brief letter of resignation to the board, which was unanimously accepted by the board members who were present.

Burkholder said she has enjoyed working in the Maries R-1 School District. “I have enjoyed working with my staff. I have an outstanding staff and could not ask for a better one.” She said she is very pleased with the accomplishments made at the school. When she began working at Maries R-1 in 2003, there was no preschool and no special education director. The Vienna Early Learning Center preschool has been a successful addition to the district, and Maries R-1 currently employs a special education director. Burkholder still works as the Title 1 coordinator. 

Some of the school’s accomplishments include starting the Professional Learning Community (PLC) and has seen how the PLC pulls the entire district together and helps everyone work for a common goal. Burkholder said the school is headed in the right direction with the work they’ve done with curriculum alignment, and setting benchmarks, which helped them to address student issues and concerns. Burkholder said they’ve accomplished good, solid achievements throughout the years. She hopes it continues to go in the right direction and the making positive steps continues. “I have only good things to say about the Maries R-1 School District.”