More Republican hypocrisy

Lawrence Wansing

For the second time in the past few months, President Trump has offered to soothe the nerves of the nation’s farmers by offering to throw tax dollars at them to keep them in his camp. He keep saying that a remedy is on the horizon with China concerning the disastrous trade war.

If President Obama had even suggested that while he was president, the Republicans would have screamed to high heaven—Socialism, Socialism, Socialism. But, the Republicans are so quiet now when the shoe is on the other foot. Trump knows full well that the nation’s farmers are hurting, many near bankruptcy and that a remedy is far away.

Many farmers will soon face bankruptcy, much as during the Reagan years of the 80’s. That was when many farmers committed suicide, some as their farms and assets were being sold off at public auction. This may soon happen again.

How many remember when during the Obama years, when one could send a 500# steer to market and expect to receive a check back for $1200 to $1500? The farmers elected Trump. Now, they will have to just grin and bear it. It was reported in Farm Journal magazine that a survey was taken in January of 2019 that 77 percent of farmers would vote for Trump again if he runs again. What a shame. He is beating them into oblivion and yet they continue to support him.