Maries County sheriff gives updates on last week’s vandalism

Roxie Murphy
Staff Writer

The primary suspect in the attempted vandalism of the Crossroads Convenience Store, Highways 42 and 133 in Maries County, is being held in Camden County Jail on two felony charges.

Ethan A. Howard of Orange, Calif., was arrested May 19 by the Camden County Sheriff’s Department on allegations of a class B felony of first-degree burglary and class D felony of first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle.

“He was arrested in Crocker and we should be having an additional charge on him soon,” Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman said Tuesday afternoon. 

Heitman said his department made contact with neighboring law enforcement to see if the Jeep shown on the convenience store camera was known to other agencies following the May 20 theft.

“A Crocker police officer confirmed making contact with a similar colored Jeep approximately two hours after this incident and the driver was arrested as the vehicle was stolen in Camden County,” Heitman said on his Facebook page.

The warrant issued May 19 has the option for a cash bond of $3,000 or a cash surety bond of $30,000 with conditions. Conditions included that “Howard may not own, possess, purchase, receive, sell or transport or have on or about his person or in his vehicle any firearms, ammunition or dangerous weapons. The defendant shall not bother, harass, abuse, or threaten to abuse, nor be on the property of or have contact or communication with in any manner or through any medium the victims. The defendant shall comply with all conditions for alcohol and drug charges noted above.”

“A probable cause statement has been forwarded to the Maries County Prosecutor and we expect charges to be filed,” Heitman wrote on his Office of Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman Facebook page.

Heitman added that they also received a lead to the vandalism of the Belle Administration Building Tuesday afternoon.

“We got a lead on that burglary today,” Heitman said. “No arrest as to that, but were at Belle City Hall today following on up on a lead that came into city hall.”

Heitman said he would keep everyone up-to-date as information becomes available.