Life’s a team sport

Jacob Warden

As you know most weeks this space is taken up with my dad’s column. He was a little busy this weekend with going to my sister Abby’s graduation at Mizzou, killing my mother’s van and working on the Gasconade County Republican’s special graduation section.

So I figured I would share a few words of encouragement to the graduates of Maries County.

As you begin the next stages of your life I would like to share a few lessons I have learned during my few short years. 

First, as you look around your life you should see a cheer leading squad, smiling at you, your family. Life is a team sport. Your family is your team the team that you don’t get to pick. Without them you could not have made it to where you are today. They have been cheering you along as you progressed through your schooling career these last 12 years. 

Second, look to your friends. They are the team you get to pick. Let them be your compass. Let them be your  crutch as you tackle life’s challenges.  

Good friends, don’t ever give up on each other. Members of your class will make bad decisions and get themselves into trouble, support them.

A good friend of mine  spent over six months attempting to get me to change the direction of my own life. I had a drinking problem and my friend convinced me to stop drinking and return to the family business. Which has brought so much enjoyment in my own life. 

Be that friend that never gives up and brings about a positive change. 

Finally, remember you can do anything you set your mind to. Most challenges you face are 90% in your head. Your failure to act or change is what will cause you to fail. 

In the beginning Jessica, my wife, didn’t think she was good enough to work in a high pressure, fast paced salon. Now a year later is now running the salon she was so hesitant to move to. When she saw that her challenges where mainly in her own head she jumped over that hurdle quickly. 

Don’t let any hurdles stand in your way as you tackle the next stages of your life whether that is being the best mother or father, moving from one side to the other of this great country, starting your own business or just following your dreams. With enough hard work and dedication nothing will stop you.

Don’t let someone else set your goals, be unapologetic you!

Congratulations to all our area graduates on your recent accomplishments. Now take the world by storm.