Knights accept, will display Koerber brothers’ flags

Laura Schiermeier
Staff Writer

VIENNA — The Visitation Knights of Columbus will keep the legacy of the Koerber brothers on display at the hall in Vienna after receiving the flags from relatives.

At the Knights of Columbus breakfast last Sunday at Koerber Hall in Vienna, the Knights accepted two American flags and photo from Koerber relatives Peter and Paul Valentine. Knights member Victor Stratman said they plan to honor the Koerber brothers by building a recessed cabinet behind glass to display the two American flags and the photos they have of the Koerber brothers.

One of the flags belonged to Cornelius Koerber and one of them was Sylvester’s flag. Sylvester was a WWII veteran. 

The Koerber brothers contributed to Visitation Parish both physically and financially. Stratman said in 2002, Sylvester and Lawrence gave the parish $200,000 to use to renovate or build a better facility to have the parish’s fall dinners and other activities. The money was used to purchase the Brier Patch lot, where Koerber Hall now stands. The Liesman lot also was purchased to provide more room on the lot and it is where the fry shack is located. Sylvester Koerber laster gave another $50,000 to the cause and last year the balance on the note for the hall—$160,000, was paid off by the Koerbers. Because of their contributions, the new hall with the gym is now a reality in Vienna. It is a much-used resource in the community. With the family’s name on the hall and the special display inside, Koerber’s legacy and generosity is being honored by the Knights and the members of Visitation Parish.