Kidnapping hoax “victim” charged with prostitution

Allison Summerford, along with her child and her father, were in Judge Kerry Rowden’s Court on Tuesday for a protective custody hearing for the 11-month-old, Dominque.

There were attorneys from the state’s children division present for the hearing. The attorneys told Rowden that Summerford is not married and the father of the child is, they believe, incarcerated in Arkansas.

The 22-year-old lives at her father’s residence on MCR 213, Vienna. She and her young son were the subjects of an AMBER Alert issued last week that turned out to be a false statement she and her brother, a juvenile, made to distract her father who she feared would keep her from traveling to Arkansas to her mother’s residence. 

Summerford has been charged by Maries County Prosecuting Attorney Anthony “Tony” Skouby with the class A misdemeanor of filing a false report triggering an AMBER Alert, and the class B misdemeanor of prostitution. Summerford allegedly made a deal with Steelville man, Albert Brame, to exchange sex for a ride to Rolla to pick up money from a Walmart to Walmart money transfer from her mother. The money was for her to buy a bus ticket to travel to her mother’s residence in Monticello, Ark. 

At the hearing, Summerford’s father, Jay Summerford, was present and agreed the young child can continue to live at his residence at MCR 213, near Vienna. The next court date for Allison Summerford is later this month.