Bland Corner Market bought by Kottwitz, Michael — to reopen as K&M Country Store

Roxie Murphy
Staff Writer

BLAND — The Bland Corner Market at 201 W. Colorado Avenue, formerly owned by Jason and Megan Krause, was purchased by Tony Kottwitz and Greg Michael July 19 at the Gasconade County Courthouse in Hermann.

“We saw the notice in (The Republican),” Kottwitz said July 31 as he, his son-in-law Dallas Kinkead and daughter Crystal Kinkead were cleaning up the property on Colorado Avenue.

A large opening soon sign strung between the two fuel pumps announced to passing cars that the station was not yet open, but many drivers stopped to ask anyway.

Kottwitz said he had been in negotiations with the Krauses when they closed the Corner Market so suddenly on March 24. Negotiations had continued. Then Kottwitz noticed the Notice of Trustee’s Sale in the newspaper. According to the notice, the Krauses deed on the property was conveyed to John A. Klebba, to secure the payment of a certain promissory note in said deed of trust. The notice of sale said the property would be sold at a public venue to the highest bidder for cash at the front courthouse door of the Gasconade County Courthouse in Hermann at 1 p.m., July 19.

Kottwitz said he was surprised when he and his partner were the only two to appear at the sale.

“We was both going to retire, I have already retired, but Bland needed the help,” Kottwitz said. “Hopefully we will make some extra income, give the town more revenue, and maybe hire back one or two of the previous employees.”

Kottwitz said the management of the business will be up to his daughter, Crystal Kinkead. She will be in charge of hiring employees.

Kottwitz said they plan to remodel the facility and are open to expanding it.

“We are going to make this big, if we have to wait a week to open, that’s ok,” he said. “Plus, the town needs the station, gas, and groceries.”

Kottwitz said there is too much negativity associated with the Corner Market name now, so he and his partner have come up with something different.

“K&M Country Store — for Kottwitz and Michael,” Kottwitz said. “It will be open 24-hours a day.”

Kottwitz and Michael are the third owners of the business in six years. The Krauses purchased the Bland Corner Market from Bruce Sassmann in May 1, 2013, according to the date on the notice of sale that was published.